Current a Sales Data Analyst for a Fleet Tracking A-Lister, that through acquisitions and becoming a wing of a much bigger Telecom is now the largest player in that arena, one of the biggest Telecommunications companies in the U.S. – (I will give you a hint it starts with a “V” and those of us who were “acquired” in a buyout still refer to is as “big red” – “Can you hear me now?”).   I worked for what was essentially a sophomore start-up in it’s second phase of life.- the companion had gone Public in 2012 (I started in early 2015) but if you were not part of the mass of sales or customer support you pretty-much knew everybody and it still felt like a start-up, regardless of what city you worked in.  Put it this way – you knew the cultural differences between offices in different cities.  Now through acquisition my little engine that could company went from an org with 1200 employees globally to an org with close to 200,000 employees.  Let’s just say the vibe and focus are “a bit different”.  There are pros and cons but we thought our poop didn’t stink.  Apparently it does and when you are bought for your Revenue position – you’d better sell.

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