Social Integration

Put your web presence on auto-pilot.

People hear about social networking for business and they fear it or think “oh no something else to do!” but the reality is if you integrate social networking into your web presence it takes on a life of it’s own.  Facebook did not become world’s second most used website after search giant Google by generating its own content.  Its users generated all that content.  They went on autopilot so to speak.   How do you get to the top of Google , content, content, content.  Well one person or even one medium sized business can only generate so much content.

Satisfy your customers and they will pay you back.

If your business does a good job, customers will sing your praises.  Social networking gives them a forum to do so.  If you create say a Facebook page for you business (or we help you).  Your most loyal customers will “like” it.  Now you have an easy public forum to send them updates, news, deals and specials.  It is a plus and it turns into dollars if you use it.  Ignore social networking at your peril.  You don’t have to tweet every time your business opens it’s doors for the day but you do need to let your customers know that they need to know.   Here are 100 examples of how social networking can draw in business.

Put your business on social “auto-pilot“:
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