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Hi there,

My name is Stan Andrew. I am an experienced Sales Operations Manager/Analyst, in SaaS with a history in I.T. – both creative and support. I currently reside in the Dallas Metroplex but I am a very recent transplant. For 18 Months I lived in Charlotte North Carolina in the employ of great company ( If you manage a fleet and your drivers do daily inspections for DOT – you need this product. It’s easy, it’s dirt cheap and it puts a your fingertips the status of your fleet and assets. I already knew a few of the people I worked with at WhipAround because we where colleges at Verizon Connect (formerly Fleetmatics). Fleetmatics was (and still is under a different name) I worked there in the Tampa Bay area for a years before moving to NC. I spent two and a half decades in and around Tampa, and quite frankly I love the Tampa Bay area. I actually graduated high school (moved from Ohio) my senior year and went to USF in Tampa and just never left; well not until early 2019 but you get the point. Tampa is home.

This site/blog is really just a way for me to get stuff out into the ether in a public way (although some of it is hidden for only those I want to see it). I have used WordPress for years, building websites for clients in my former businesses, Stan Andrew Multimedia, Gulf2Bay Tech, and to this day both freelance and for employers. If you need WordPress help click here. I have played Guitar (and bass) and picked up Ukulele for many years and this blog has a side gig ( where I give free lessons.